Saturday, August 5, 2023

AKMG Book Club

We have compiled a list of books published by AKMG members. Enjoy reading!
by Dr. Saleema Hameed.
Second Chance- A Sister's Act of Love Stories from My Heart Hridayathil pathing Kure kathakal Ente Randamoozham by Dr. M. P. Ravindra Nathan.
TRANSPLANTED From 110 Degrees in the Shade to 10 Degrees Below Zero in the Sun by Dr.Shakuntala Rajagopal.
Book of books by Dr. James Mathew.
My Mother Called Me Unni My Mother Called Me Unni- A Doctor's Tale Of Migration Lifebook needs many Passwords by Dr. Venugopal Menon.
സ്നേഹച്ചൊവ്വ by Dr. M.V.Pillai.
Cleveland Notes by Dr. Jame Abraham.
Super 30 by Dr. Biju Mathew.
കാറ്റിൽ ഉലയാത്ത പുൽനാമ്പുകൾ by Dr. Nisha Pillai.
Suicide in Jails and Prisons: Preventive and legal perspectives. By Dr. Anasseril Daniel.
Books by Dr.Sahasranam Kalpathy: 1.Tell me a Story, Grandpa, 2. Old Age Health Challenges and Solutions, 3. How to face health challenges while growing old, 4. In search of a bridegroom, 5. Grandpa, Tell me more stories, 6. Demystifying Hinduism.
Books by Dr Venkit Iyer Decision in clinical surgery, Aging well and Reaching Beyond, The Clinic, and Geriatrics handbook
From the land of spice to the land of oil, by Dr.Jay.K.Raman
Tittoni by Dr.S.S.Lal
Comfort care- The struggles of an aging cardiologist. By Dr.Theckedath Mathew. Publisher- Page publishing, Inc. 2020
Covid Tales- Multiple AKMG authors. Edited by Dr.Nisha Nigil. Published by AKMG.
The practice of medicine-from antiquity to artificial intelligence- Author- George Varghese. Publisher- Write the future.
മിസ്സിസ്സിപ്പിയുടെ ഗീതം, ഹൃൽസ്പന്ദനങ്ങൾ by Dr.Susheela Ravindranathan
Tame the mind by Dr. Asha Vijayakumar.

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